Friday, 4 May 2007

Screen Calibration Fix

For anyone who has had problems with the screen calibration on their Vega the following fix should work.

1. Press 2 of left bottom BOX keys ( ) simultaneously and tap the touch screen 5 times.

2. Then Touch calibration tool will run.

3. Press corner of the diagram (green spot inside of contour line) with touch pen for 2~3 seconds (keep the touch pen vertical and w/o movement)

4. Move to other points after finishing calibration in one point

5. If it does not work during the calibration, you can exit by press ESC key. In this case, previous calibration will be saved.


Benoist said...

happy to see that your blog is active. I have a Vega and i love it, it's simply perfect

snave said...

benoist, thanks for the comment. The blog is not as active as I would like, but I will increase the posts when the Vega 2 is released.

Anonymous said...

yes I hope Vega 2 !

Can you help me ?

I he va change bios and now when windows start my lcd is black because i have choose in bios utility 0 mega for Video Ram... it was stupid.

When i lunch vega i press del and i go in setup but i can't see it. Can you answer me : what is in bios keys for load defaut seting Bios ? F4 F5 ? i use F10 i valid but i have nothing (certainly exit...)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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문승욱 said...

Thank you for your help! i found it my drawer after 5~7 years when i put there. i reboot it and its calibration is wrong. i search how caliburate it for several days. finally i calibrate touch screen. thank u