Saturday, 10 March 2007

PDA Essentials UK Reviews the Vega

PDA Essentials a UK magazine has reviewed the Raon Digital Vega, and they gave the little unit 7 out of 10, beating the OQO, which only scored 5 out of 10.

Things they liked about the Vega:
1. Size.
2. Battery life.
3. The d-pad.
4. Navigation buttons.
5. USB client mode.

Things they disliked about the Vega:
1. Lack of in-built Bluetooth and WiFi.
2. No in-built VGA out (although this is achieved via the supplied dongle).

All-in-all they liked the unit and said "it's more than suitable for office and email use, especially given the impressive battery life."

I have to say I agree with their findings, and the only other thing I would like to see on the Vega is a qwerty keypad.

I have scanned the review page which is available here.

The review unit was supplied by PocketPC Solutions, and is priced at £579.99, which the reviewer said was "not unappealing".

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