Tuesday, 30 January 2007

New Vega in the pipe-line

Many of you may have seen speculation on the web that there is a new Vega in development, with integrated Bluetooth and WiFi. The good news is, and I have this on good authority, that this is correct, and there is more good news, as the new unit will also include the new AMD LX900 processor. I understand there is no release date yet, but my sources have indicated that we may see the new unit by the summer. When the new unit is announced look out for some surprise features, although do not expect to see Vista on this unit :(


thoughtfix said...

For the right price, I'll take one.
Where is this news?

snave said...


There has been no official announcement from Raon about the next generation Vega, but I have it on good authority that the next model will include WiFi and Bluetooth. I can't reveal my source, but if the extra features do appear, then this will be a killer PDA replacement, based on size and performance. Also don't expect to see this new model until June/July/August this year, at the earliest.

Ben said...

Sorry bad english, i'm french. I want to have a vega but perhaps if your information is correct, i'm waiting for new Vega... Thanks for your blog

snave said...


If you don't mind the external WiFi and Bluetooth, then the current Vega is a good little unit, and is perfect for traveling. PDA Essentials in the UK have just reviewed the unit, see http://myvega.blogspot.com/2007/03/pda-essentials-uk-reviews-vega.html

Chippy said...

thumboard, thumboard. Gimme thumboard!!!

LX900 could be quite nice although there are so many programs needing 3D support now. itunes, google earth etc.