Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Vega Customisation

Having used my Vega for a few weeks now, and due to the small screen size I have made the following changes to the display properties which has made the Vega even better to use.

The first thing I did after seeing the Zune Theme loaded to a UMPC, was install the Zune Theme, available from, and then changed the wallpaper to one I like better than the one supplied by the Zune Theme.

Then I made the following modifications to the Vega's display properties.
1. Go to Display Properties - Appearance - and set Font Size = Extra Large Fonts
2. Go to Display Properties - Appearance - Effects - and tick Use Large Icons

Below are some screen shots of my customised Vega.

Vega desktop with Zune Theme loaded.

Another image of my Vega desktop with Zune Theme loaded.

Desktop wallpaper for anyone who may want to use it on their Vega.


Heath said...

cool blog and neat tips. i am trying to decide between the vega, asus r2h, and the sony ux280.. the ux will probably lose out due to cost, and the vega has the whole "no wireless built in" thing working against it.. but i am gonna keep an eye out here to see what you do with it to help me in my decision.. keep it up, and thanks to steve at for point this blog out!!

snave said...


Thanks for your comments. You are right about the Sony UX being way too expensive, and whilst the lack of built in WiFi and bluetooth was a concern at first, in reality plugging in the USB WiFi adapter when needed is not much of a problem. I also have a TabletKiosk eo i7210 which is comparable with the Asus, but i prefer the Vega as it is truly mobile.

Over the next few weeks I will compare the Vega with the i7210 as a traveling companion.

Denny said...

Great idea for a blog.

I'm just curious what applications you intend to run on the Vega and how you are planning to use it (ie. Steve used it as a carputer).


snave said...


As a user of a PDA (which I have out grown) I plan to use the Vega for on the move note taking, email, internet, music, video and anything else I discover along the way.

Heath said...

hi again..i just recieved my vega from dynamism, and i must say it is way cool. having problems with windows validation and getting wmp11 to install, so i am using tcmp as my default media player..i used your extra large icon and font trick and i am liking this much better. so far, so good...

snave said...


You should not be having problems validating Windows or installing WMP11. I would suggest emailing Dynamism, and if they can not help then leave a comment here and I will try and help.

Heath said...

got it going today snave!! for what ever reason it installed today!! keep throwing out the performance tips!!

Heath said...

well, sad news...sending my vega back to dynamism... video problems(only working on 256 colors from what i can tell, everything looked like crap), and some wierd HD problem that would prevent me from putting just about anything over a few MB on it... another symptom seems to be that chkdsk f/ on the D: drive that wouldn't go away.. still, i eagerly await the repaired unit or a new one..